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Tell your family's stories on film 




The way your Mom throws her head back when she laughs.

How your 3 year old throws a ball with his entire body. 

The innocent eye roll from your 12 year old when you tell a corny joke. 

The stories we will tell years from now are happening today. What do you hope to remember about these magically normal days? 

Family Films

Family Films are casual, everyday records of family life. The shoot consists of short, playful interviews with you and your kids (no more missing parents in that family video!), footage of your kids playing, the family hanging out, bringing a new baby home, or any activities you perform most days and rarely think to capture.

The finished product is a 3-5 minute video you can build on with each passing year so you can marvel at how your family changes and grows while soaking in the adorable quirks from years past. 


Legacy Videos 

Legacy Videos are in-depth interviews with a single family member that are edited and interspersed with family photos. It’s an opportunity to reflect, settle into a story, and make sure no stone is left unturned.

The 90 minute-2 hour film is a cherished family keepsake of a loved one telling their entire life story with all of the mannerisms, emotion, and expressions that bring these stories to life. 


Let's Get Creative!

Content creation, product videos, small business origin stories, and more. There is so much we can do with video, why limit the possibilities? Have an idea?

Travel within 45 miles of Cambridge, MA covered in cost. 
Able to travel anywhere planes fly. 

*I am vaccinated, boosted and masked for your safety and mine*

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